Brass FLUSH PULL 90mm Concealed Handle

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This product is a 90mm BRASS Concealed Handle Flush Pull Handle.This item has a handle which rotates out when opening or closing a door. See photos for the item when the handle and flush, and when it rotates out

The flush handle comes with screws for fixing into your door. 

Made from Stainless Steel (SS 304) with a durable finish.

Material: SS 304 flush pull

Dimensions: 90mm x 18mm

Colour: Brass

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Where would you normally use concealed flush pulls ?

These are often used on the end of a cavity slider door which slides all the way back into the cavity. The pull allows you to pull the door our of the cavity.

They are also often used on cupboard and broom closet doors, which are not frequently used, and all you require is a subtle pull handle for when you need to open them.



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