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BRUSHED BRASS Roller Lock Kit - Zanda

The Zanda Brushed Brass Roller Lock Kit These Brushed/Satin Brass Roller Lock kits come complete with a lifetime warranty and are ideal for use with Pull Handles. The Roller Bolt is operated by a push or pull from either side (no lever handle...

BRASS Door Handle ENTRANCE I Mucheln EDGE Series

$104.00 - $116.00
  This is our new BRASS Mücheln 'Edge' range of door handles. Brushed Brass door handles are absolutely must have nowadays in both modern and classic renovations We offer this style in 3 functions. Entrance, Passage and...

Brass Door Hinge 100 x 75mm (2 Hinges) FIXED PIN

BRASS Door Hinge. Fixed Pin. Perfect to match your Brass handles or knobs  Dimensions: 100x75x2.5mm 2 Hinges included and matching brass screws Min Door thickness: 32mm Free shipping on orders over $85. Brand Mucheln Material: SS 304 Electroplated...